CYMA Business Accounting Software Overview

CYMA Accounting Software is a family of accounting software systems and modules designed specifically for mid-sized organizations (see system requirements). The CYMA Accounting Software systems represent an alternative to traditional "high end" systems.

CYMA Accounting Software has two distinct versions:

Each CYMA software version utilizes a modular approach so companies only purchase the functionality needed. As the organization grows, additional modules can be easily added for increased efficiency.

CYMA Accounting Software Modules include:

CYMA supports unlimited companies, unlimited user defined custom fields and features a flexible, user-defined account number structure. It features extensive security, reliable network performance in a multi-user environment and a host of configuration options.

Additionally CYMA uses add on internal and third party products to increase productivity.

CYMA Electronic Employee Forms - Automatically fill employee human resouces forms. Forms can be customized for company purposes, bundled in packets for New Hire or Termination and generate alerts when due.

MICR Check Package - Checks can be printed to plain paper stock and include the MICR routing line. Additional fields are populated directly from CYMA including name, date, payee, company, etc.

Grant Tracking - CYMA Grant Tracking (GT) is an optional part of the CYMA Not-for-Profit Edition General Ledger system. When enabled, it provides the user with the capability to define Grants, Grant Budgets, Funding Sources, Funding Source Types, Programs, Activities and Core Object Expenses.

Project Tracking - CYMA Project Tracking (PT) is an optional part of the CYMA Financial Management - General Ledger module. Project Tracking provides a simplified version of tracking revenues, expenses, budgets and activities for smaller projects or jobs.

CYMA Disaster Recovery Program - Clients may wish to have a licensed copy of CYMA installed on an offsite server in case of sudden emergency. CYMA Disaster Recovery Program is a program that allows for CYMA to be installed as a failsafe.Learn more

CYMA Managed Backup - CYMA Managed Backup is a service that offers a convenient, automatic backup of CYMA data without backup tapes. Integrated with CYMAIV, CYMA Managed Backup allows scheduling of automatic backups at any time and any time interval. And since the backup data is maintained in a secure offsite location, you can be sure your CYMA data is protected from unforeseen circumstances. Click here for more information.

F9 - Extensive and creative financial statements can be generated using the F9 Financial Report Writer, which creates a dynamic "hotlink" between the CYMAIV General Ledger and leading spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.