Business Alerts for CYMA: Financial Notification Software

Because business occurs in real time

Business occurs in real time and sometimes critical business intelligence arrives too late! CYMA Alerts is an integrated email based notification system that will remind internal and external parties on pre-set, user defined conditions.

Business Alerts is a great automation utility designed to send specific and detailed messages to users, employees, customers and vendors when defined events occur within the accounting data. The utility is designed to reduce time and labor therefore reducing costs.

CYMA Alerts includes five (7) pre-designed alerts, but with a paid Maintenance Subscription you will get access to product updates and a growing library of customizable Alerts:

Payroll: Employee(s) Reached 90 Day Anniversary - Many organizations must offer health care to employees who have been employee for 90 days. This alert can be modified to alert prior to the 90 days, include supervisor and employee, or attach the healthcare enrollment form.

Accounts Payable: Invoices Due Today – This alert will be sent daily and will inform specific users which Accounts Payable invoices are due for payment that day.

Accounts Receivable: 30 Days Past Due - This alert is sent to customers who have an invoice that is 30 days past due. The alert includes invoice number, due date, and the outstanding line items on the invoice. This reminder will only be sent once to the customer on the 30th day past the due date.

General Ledger: Over Budget Condition - This alert will be sent monthly to specified users, and will provide a list of each General Ledger account that has exceeded the set year-to-date budget.

Inventory: Inventory Low Stock Notification - This report will run daily and will alert specific staff of low stock conditions. Items will appear on this email if the quantity available is equal or less than the minimum stock level defined on that product. To avoid repeats, only new items qualifying for these criteria will be on the notification.

Job Costing: Budget To Date - This alert runs weekly and shows a current snapshot of active jobs where costs are approaching 90 percent of the budget.

Purchase Order: Purchase Order Exceeds Buyer Limit - This alert constantly reviews CYMA to detect if there are any PO's that have exceeded a buyers limit if set in CYMA.

Here are a few examples of additional alerts that can be created:

Internal Notifications: External Notifications

For more information on how Business Alerts can help business become more efficient, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962