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CYMA Announces "Dealer of Excellence" Recipients

Tempe, AZ - January 6, 2007 -- CYMA Systems, Inc., a leading developer of accounting and payroll software, is pleased to announce the CYMA Reseller of Excellence recipients for 2007. These eight CYMA resellers have demonstrated excellence during the last twelve months in the area of sales and service of the CYMA product line. Additionally, each of these resellers invested in educational opportunities related to CYMA product knowledge, as part of their ongoing efforts in providing outstanding service and support to their clients.

The 2007 CYMA Reseller of Excellence recipients are: Multi-View Inc (North Carolina), ClubTec (Texas), Kerr Consulting & Support (Texas and other locations), A-Soft Professionals (Texas), Computer Coach (Arizona), Bridgeware (New York), DDS Inc. (Utah), and AMBR Technologies (Tennessee).

CYMA congratulates these eight resellers on their success and welcomes each into the CYMA Reseller of Excellence program.  Further information about CYMA and the CYMA reseller program can be obtained by contacting Debbie Armer, Director of Channel Development, at 1-800-292-2962 ext 977.


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