CYMA Accounting

BizNet Excel® Business Information Suite's integration with CYMA

HR and Payroll systems called a significant competitive advantage

DALLAS, TX and TEMPE, AZ (August 5, 2010) — BizNet Software and CYMA Systems, Inc. today  announced a partnership agreement enabling CYMA to resell the BizNet Excel® Business Information Suite. The agreement is a significant step in CYMA's drive to change its corporate focus and redefine the company's brand.

"Since the early 80's we've been recognized as a leading accounting software company with a strong payroll system," said Steve Brueckner, CYMA's Director of Business Development. "Within the past year, we made the decision to position ourselves as a Payroll and HR supplier that has robust accounting functionality. That shift is what led us to the relationship with BizNet."

According to Brueckner, CYMA's early talks with BizNet identified a void in the mid-market for a financial report writer specifically designed for HR and Payroll data. "Customers have Excel®-based financial reporting needs in modules other than GL, but reporting is typically the domain of GL, so there's never really been a focus on building reporting capabilities in Payroll or HR modules.  Our relationship with BizNet allows us to bring this easy-to-use, Microsoft Excel®-based financial analysis tool to the domain of payroll and HR managers; they no longer have to go to their CFO or controller to dig all the data they need out of the GL."

The BizNet Excel® Business Information Suite offers businesses a one-stop business intelligence solution for the day-to-day challenges they face in compiling Excel® reports and accessing, analyzing and distributing data throughout the organization. The suite consists of three products, BizInsight™, its reporting and business intelligence component;  BizContent™, which provides real-time database connectivity and consolidation, extending and automating the sharing of data and existing spreadsheets between business systems; and BizBroadcast™, which enables organizations to automate the creation and distribution of Excel® reports in a variety of formats and methods.

CYMA will be reselling the BizNet Excel® Business Information Suite, integrated into the CYMA Payroll and HR data files. The result, says Brueckner, is an advanced reporting solution providing payroll and HR managers with options they've never had. "They may want to compare benefit costs from one state to another, or they may want to analyze and compare pay across gender or ethnic categories to make sure they don't have any EEOC issues. Those are things they couldn't reasonably do before. Providing those capabilities gives us a significant competitive advantage in our marketplace."

For its part, BizNet views the partnership with CYMA as crucial to its own brand. “We are extremely pleased to welcome CYMA to our expanding network of partners and resellers," said George McMann, BizNet President & CEO. "This partnership is another validation of our continuing efforts to establish BizNet as a leader, an innovator and the kind of partner organizations will want to collaborate with, now and in the future."

BizNet Software®, Inc. (BizNet) builds pre-integrated Excel-based business reporting and analytics products for the mid-market. Founded in 1996 to take the mystery out of databases, BizNet focuses on data integration guided by financial and accounting professionals with a real-world understanding of corporate financial, operational and technical requirements to extract and present data with efficient, powerful and easy-to-use tools that leverage existing financial and desktop systems. Its flagship product BizExcelerator creates a real-time link to business data for dynamic access to the most accurate and current data in Excel-based spreadsheet reports. Built upon fundamental accounting disciplines and controls, BizNet solutions create a self-sufficient work environment for professionals that streamlines workflow and improves productivity. BizNet Software is a privately held company based in Dallas, TX. More information about the company is available at

For 30 years CYMA Systems, Inc. has been a recognized industry leader in the development of accounting software. Based in Tempe, Arizona, CYMA offers a broad accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses, CPAs, and nonprofit organizations.  CYMA has installed accounting software in thousands of businesses throughout the United States. More information about the company is available at