CYMA Business Insight - Payroll Financial Reporting


CYMA Business Insight provides advance Payroll and HR reporting by allowing users to pull CYMA HR and Payroll data into a familiar and customizable reporting format for payroll financial reporting: Microsoft Excelâ„¢.

Through CYMA Business Insight you can create Payroll Cost Analysis worksheets and reports using live data from your CYMA Payroll System. CYMA Business Insight delivers over 30 specialized Excel functions to dynamically access Employee Amounts, company Amounts, Employee Items by month, year, quarter and more.

With Business Insight's powerful payroll financial reporting functionality you can easily:

  • Analyze employee costs by year, quarter, month
  • Report Payroll Costs by Department, Position and location
  • Quickly analyze employee earnings in Gender, Race and EEOC Job Category
  • Review all earnings and Payroll cost types, including taxes, benefits and overtime pay

Standard functions are pre-programmed however, additional reports can be modified or written to unique company specifications. For more information on how CYMA Business Insight can help clarify your payroll and HR costs, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962