CYMA Human Resources Module

Finally, you can manage the human resources process in one simple solution. From recruiting to comprehensive benefit management to Employee Self-Service, CYMA Human Resources offers complete human resources and payroll employee management. 

CYMA's powerful Human Resources Management Software solution allows companies to:

  • Control the costs and complexities of employee benefits management across customized, managed employee groups in a visually intuitive & flexible way.
  • Empower managers to keep track of employee performance with detailed and scheduled performance reviews, rate increases, disciplinary action notices, and more.
  • Encourage employee knowledge and growth! Are your employees up to date with their training and certifications? Know for sure, with Certification Management and Tracking System.
  • HR Position Management and Position Classes Management tracks all key employee information by Position or Position Groups for reporting, HR queries, job requirements & pay ranges.
  • Track and report costs in unique & accessible means. HRexPRess™ offers presentation quality reporting in a universal, sharable format – Microsoft Excel. Pull HR, Payroll and other accounting information into Excel spreadsheets for reports that will impress and enlighten.
  • Keep everyone happy! - Save time, questions and confusion when employees are empowered with Employee Self-Service. Employers benefit by reducing costs and employees will enjoy timely access to Payroll, tax and benefit information.