CYMA Warehouse / Distribution Software

CYMA wholesale distributor software gives companies the visibility they need to track inventory effectively.  With real-time inventory status, CYMA wholesale inventory software ensures employees will always know: where it is, where it has been, and where it is headed.  As a result, both purchasing and sales managers can now make effective buying and selling decisions.  Accurate and timely inventory information is the foundation for maximizing sales order profitability while minimizing investment in inventory assets “improving cash flow”.  CYMA inventory software provides the ability to operate in a real-time multi warehouse environment; using Warehouse Level Demand-based Inventory Replenishment, Bin Management, Applying Landed Cost, Multiple Units of Measure, Serial and Lot Number Tracking, and Product and Warehouse Level Alternate Pricing.

CYMA Inventory Control Software features unique capabilities such as:

  • Inventory costing methods - FIFO, AVG and LIFO
  • Customized units of measure - 20 types come with inventory
  • Unit of Measure Conversion - Purchase in one measurement, stock or sell in a different unit of measure or cost
  • Powerful cycle counting capability - by product, product range, serialized, etc.

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