Third Party Accounting and Payroll Applications

Several Third Party Providers play an instrumental role in the development of CYMA software as their leading edge technology is used in the CYMAIV Accounting for Windows product.

Third Party Products Disclaimer
CYMA does not warrant or endorse any software related product except those developed by and which are the property of CYMA Systems, Inc. CYMA does not represent nor make any recommendations to a Customer as to the usability of any 3rd party package. Customers should research, independently and thoroughly, any third party systems prior to their purchase. CYMA makes no guarantee, or representation, that a third party product will meet the customers identified requirements, operate error free, or work properly with CYMA products.

Current Third Party CYMA Products

Multi-View - Hospice Accounting Software

CYMA Dealer and Developer of advanced F9 reports and management tools specialized for Hospices.

ClubTec - Golf Club Management

ClubTec provides private club and public golf course industries with the best technology solutions and services supported by a dedicated team of experienced club and technology professionals.

Access 1 Time System

The Access 1 Time System is a powerful simple, web based, time and attendance solution that fully integrates with CYMA. The Access 1 Time System has the ability to capture time data from virtually anywhere, for any industry. By applying custom clock prompts, the Access 1 Time System can capture job costing data, location, department, task, tips, mileage, pieces, and more. The simplicity and processes make implementation a fraction of the cost of the competition!

For a demonstration, visit

Paperless Distribution Systems

CYMA's prefered vendor for establishing direct deposit accounts, National Payment Corporation, has been a CYMA partner for over ten years. If you are looking to establish ACH payments, contact National Payment Corporation today!

GlobalDataVault - Online Managed Backup

CYMA Managed Backup powered by Global Data Vault, service is a high performance automated backup service that backs up all your valuable data files across a DSL or better connection to two remote locations. The information is compressed and encrypted before sending and due to the differential backup methods, massive amounts of data can be backed up using the service. For a small monthly fee, you begin with 5GB of data storage and the system is monitored for you to ensure your backups are being made correctly.


eOfficeMgr hosts CYMA Accounting for Windows along with payroll, healthcare, spreadsheet and word processing applications. eOfficeMgr develops seamless data integration among applications which eliminates duplicate data entry, lowers costs and facilitates more sophisticated, comprehensive financial and operational analysis.

BizNet Software is an award-winning company and market leader for Microsoft Excel in-memory, cloud-enabled reporting and business intelligence. BizNet is endorsed by over 200 partners, 15 software publishers, and currently has over 20,000 users in 2,100 companies in 30 different countries. Find out more at

Gray Swan Software produces software for Medicare and Medicaid billing. Gray Swan's Amber CIL Manager™ is a feature-rich billing and management tool designed to satisfy the needs of today's Independent Living Center or In-Home Health Care Provider. Features include:  Easy to Learn - Easy to Use, Internet Based, Consumer & Attendant Tracking, Automated Medicaid Eligibility Checks, Complete Plan of Care Tracking, Single Point Timesheet Entry & Excel File Import, Telephony Import, Payroll Period Data Export, Automatic Claims Submission, Electronic Remittance, Powerful & Easy to Use Reporting System, Document Management, Free Phone Support, Built In Chat Support, Fully HIPAA Compliant & Secure, Nightly & Real-time Backups, Free On-Site DEMO.

Complete expense reports online with Certify quickly, easily, and cost effectively because there is no software to buy or maintain. Certify makes it easy to upload receipts (scanned or digitally photographed) for inclusion on an expense report.

Certify also offers mobile expense report applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Home Care Software Solutions: Improve patient outcomes with integrated tools that provide point-of-care solutions to Home Health Care Agencies. From fall risk management to point-of-care medication reconciliation, set the standard in patient care.  CareSmart™ comprehensive agency management software by Home Care Software Solutions, Inc., allows you to fully automate every aspect of your agency and be prepared to meet the challenges of the future.  Option of server or SaaS solution.


PRG - Aviation Fuel Management

The FBOperational Fuel Management System is a powerful fuel management tool and customer service solution integrated with CYMA Accounting Software . The product features extensive internal controls, audit trails, and other tools to address the operational needs of an FBO business

CYMA Forms

Get forms, checks, envelopes and more that are guaranteed to work with the latest versions of CYMA. Offering nearly any solution like SFI paper, self-sealed checks, toner supplies and anything else for your CYMA printing needs. When you want to be sure, visit for your CYMA Form needs.

Donor Express - Fundraising Software

DonorExpress is affordable fundraising software for Not-For-Profit companies. Some features include tracking donors, donations, and pledges, management reporting, and CYMA export capabilities. DonorExpress is designed with all the features necessary for any nonprofit organization to manage their donor database without the high cost involved with larger more complicated fundraising software.

AP Technologies

Developers of SecureCheck, a MICR laser check and form printing solution, SecurePay, a positive pay solution, and ezSigner, a security graphic and signature solution. AcuPrint provides MICR laser check printing, financial document distribution, and positive pay solutions that set industry standards for security, convenience, cost effectiveness and reliability.

System Concepts

Developers of FOOD-TRAK, software designed to offer a host of food service related features from food costing, usage, and reorder reports, to menu planning and engineering.FOOD-TRAK GL Link

Manage Inc.

Developers of Managed Access, a membership management/access control security application written for Windows, Manage Inc. specializes in cost-saving AS/400 and PC System hardware, software, networking and communications solutions. Managed Access provides the features and flexibility you need for obtaining and storing detailed membership information, as well as the tools for keeping that information and your facilities secure. This membership management package integrates to CYMAIV Not-for-Profit Edition.

BNA Software

BNA Fixed Assets offers extensive data entry, data management, advanced reporting capabilities, and an import fixed assets depreciation data dialog right from CYMA! BNA Fixed Assets calculates GAAP, Federal Tax, AMT, ACE, E&P, and up to 99 user-defined depreciation books.

Specialized Business Solutions

Specialized Business Solutions (SBS) has offered Keystroke Point Of Sale software for retail stores since 1988. Thousands of retailers, wholesale distributors, and service businesses use Keystroke POS to manage store sales and automate inventory control. Some of SBS's very first customers continue to rely on Keystroke POS today. ( Keystroke GL Link

Pro-Ware Asset Keeper

Asset Keeper by ProWare is available from a CYMAIV menu and can import fixed asset depreciation data directly into the General Ledger. ProWare Asset Keeper recently received 4.5 out of 5 stars in the CPA Software News and offers up to 8 eight methods (or books) for fixed assets with calculations available for current year, next year, monthly, beginning accumulated, and projected depreciation are provided for each asset. Click here for more details.

TMx - Time Management Software

TMx is an integrated labor management software suite that automates labor scheduling, labor forecasting, time and attendance, payroll administration and restaurant human resource management. TMx integrates with electronic timeclocks plus a variety of point-of-sale time and attendance clocks.

Direct EDI, Inc. provides cost effective, cloud computing solutions to automate the communications and ecommerce requirements for all members of a company’s supply chain.  Thousands of retailers, manufacturers and 3PLs have selected Direct EDI as their outsourced EDI provider to automate and integrate their trading relationships. Using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model as a base platform, Direct EDI serves small and medium sized vendors/suppliers with stand-alone Web EDI systems and larger vendors/suppliers with a full suite of Integrated, Outsourced and Managed Services offerings to operate seamlessly between all back-office accounting, merchandising and ERP systems and the trading community.  Additionally, Direct EDI provides Community Management services to retailers, manufacturers and healthcare providers to assist with the on-boarding, testing and certification of EDI capabilities.  Direct EDI is headquartered in San Diego, California. For additional information, please contact Direct EDI at 858.751.2626, or email at or visit


Since 1991, Piracle has strived to provide its customers with cutting edge products, decreased expenses, and reduced risk of fraud. Piracle's long list of solutions includes: Secure Printing Services, Xpress Pay Stubs, and our bestselling Create-A-Check 10.

Create-A-Check 10 is a secure check-printing solution that can be deployed in as little as twenty minutes. Create-A-Check 10 receives data and creates MICR encoded documents such as checks and deposit slips and now offers users a completely paperless option with ACH payment processing and email notification for the vendor/payee/employee. With Positive Pay, digitized signatures, dollar thresholds, and encrypted logos, Create-A-Check 10 is one of the most secure, fraud-resistant ways to process payments in the office. Our newest enhancement to Create-A-Check, Xpress Pay Stubs allows your employees to view their payroll, w-2 & 1099's on-line anytime, anywhere! For more information, shop supplies or to view a short tutorial please visit

Starship Shipping Software

StarShip software from V-Technologies allows shipping from a carrier of choice, directly from CYMAIV. Because StarShip shipping software was designed to easily integrate with CYMA, it provides an efficient and error-free way to ship orders and store shipping data. Tracking numbers and shipping fees are automatically created in Sales Order. Click here for more information.

BizLibrary (Demo the online training content) provides eLearning solutions tailored for employee training. With over 7000 available titles, BizLibrary can assist with nearly any compliance, accounting, training / retraining, nonprofit and human resource issues.

Aatrix Software
Provider of electronically completed State and Federal forms. CYMA uses Aatrix software for completion and/or eFile capabilites for over 330 forms and processing of ACA Forms 1095-B/C and 1094-B/C.

Actian PSQL Software
Developers of the Actian PSQL tools used in CYMAIV Accounting for Windows. Actian is a leading provider of solutions for easily managing information in applications operating across today's widely used computing environments and platforms.

F9 - The Report Writer
F9 is a spreadsheet based financial reporting application that pulls CYMA data into Excel. F9 Report Writer provides the ability to easily make customized intelligent queries of your General Ledger. Additional functionality for report distribution are available through the F9 Viewer. Contact your CYMA Regional Sales Manager for product pricing and information.