Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Resources

CYMA Systems is monitoring the tax and benefit changes scheduled to start on January 1, 2014 as a result of passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). We are underway developing new useful tools in our Payroll and Human Resources software to meet the demands brought about by PPACA. Please expect several announcements in the coming months.

Below, please review some useful information about PPACA and how it might affect your organization or call CYMA at 800-292-2962.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: The Employer’s Perspective - A presentation given by industry expert Black, Gould and Associates ( in conjunction with CYMA detailing the PPACA changes for employers including topics like implementation timeline, full time equivelant employees, minimum coverages, grandfathered plans and more. A video of the presentation will be released shortly.

Health Care Reform Essentials for Business - An AFLAC produced document offering a glossary, FAQ and time table of events related to the passage of PPACA.

Employer Mandate Fact Sheet - A brief whitepaper produced by CIGNA to give an overview of PPACA changes.

PPACA: The Employers Prospective

The following video was recorded as a benefit for CYMA customers to help answer questions about PPACA. The video is not intended as tax or legal advice and more education regarding the changes in the law. If you have any specific questions regarding your organization and PPACA please contact Jennifer Farrell at Black, Gould and Associates at 602-535-1130.

Can't see the video below? Click here to download.