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Knowledge Base Screen

In the CYMA Knowledge Base you can find answers for some of the most common CYMA issues and technical tips. Simply enter in an error code or a CYMA procedure you would like to accomplish and cycle through the results.

Additionally there is a ranking system for the top 5 accessed articles chosen by CYMA users like you. Valid Software Maintenance is required for entry into the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base Login Instructions

Your login is the last 8 digits of your System Manager serial number.  This serial number can be obtained in the System Manager module under  System / Register.  You will receive a System Manager notice, but just click OK.  The System Manager serial number will be in the left column of the table and will start with "SM", "NP", or "CW".  Your login is the last 8 digits.

Please refer to the Login Help section below if you require further explanation.

Knowledge Base Login

Enter Password for access to the CYMA Knowledge Base:

Login Help

To access the Knowledge Base, you will need the last 8 digits of your System Manager serial number. This number is printed on your license certificate and begins with "SM", "NP", or "CW". If you do not have this number readily available you may obtain it in CYMAIV. To do so, make System Manager the active module and select "Register..." from the System menu.  You will be presented with a System Manager: Notice; please click 'Ok' to continue. In the resulting Module Registration screen, you will see a list of your serial numbers.  To login to the Knowledge Base, please enter the last 8 digits of your System Manager serial number.

For example: If your System Manager serial number is SM-CY-01-5-0-1B7449GG, your login would be 1B7449GG.

If you use the Not-for-Profit software, your System Manager serial number will begin with NP ,and if you use the Client Write-Up software it will begin with CW.


  • There are no letter "O's" or "I's" in your login password, only the numbers "0" or "1".

If a valid login number is entered, you will be directed to the Knowledge Base search page. Only customers with a valid maintenance contract will be allowed to enter.