CYMA 13.5 Release Notes

Installation Notes:

  1. It is recommended that you view the installation guide selecting the first option "View Installation Guide" from the main installation screen.
  2. Internet Explorer Version 8 or greater is recommended for running the Electronic Desktop "e-Desk".  To upgrade to the current version of IE go to
  3. All computers in the network must use the same version of CYMA.  If one or more workstations are not upgraded you may get any number of errors referencing the conversion routine, pre and post conversion file messages, etc.  Verify that all computers in the network have been upgraded prior to logging into your company data.
  4. All computers in the network must install the same CYMA modules.  If the workstation installs modules that the server does not have, an unregistered module warning will be produced.
  5. Be sure to make a backup of you company data along with any custom reports.  Custom reports may need to be upgraded prior to use.  For instructions on upgrading custom reports visit the update center at

Program Notes:
It is important to share the Program Notes below with those responsible for each module listed so they can anticipate important changes in their area.

The payroll files will be converted the first time a company is accessed.  As part of that conversion a recalculation of employee balances will be performed.  Please plan accordingly.

Some key payroll files changed that will impact custom checks and custom reports.  These reports will need to be updated to use the new file names.  Instructions for updating forms/reports can be found at

A new sub module has been added to Payroll.  This new module provides a different method to track Workers Compensation amounts.  A new registration code is needed to unlock this functionality.  The existing Workers Compensation method will continue to function without a code.

Some payroll reports were changed to use a new database connection method.  To ensure this connection method is established go to System  Manager – Maintain Company, select the company and make sure the Create SQL Connection box is checked.  If possible, this process should be completed from the server/host computer.  Reports with the new method are: Employee Balance Report, Quarterly Earnings Report, Payroll Journal, Payroll Journal (Landscape), Tax Summary and Employee Feature Summary Totals (Current).  If you receive errors when running these reports contact CYMA, your CYMA reseller or go to for troubleshooting information.

System Manager:
Many reports throughout the system have had the selection criteria changed.  If these reports were included in the Batch Report process, the selection criteria will need to be refreshed.  To refresh the report go to System – Print Batch Reports.  Click on Create/Edit Batch Reports.  Select each batch, click edit and double click on each report in the left window.  Verify the criteria selected is still valid.  Click OK.