Btrieve versions of the 13.5 SQL reports

CYMA optimized 7 reports in CYMA 13.5 with a faster data access method for improved performance.

  1. Employee Balance Reports (empbalnc.rpt)
  2. Quarterly Earnings Report (PRQtrErn.rpt)
  3. Payroll Journal (prjour3.rpt)
  4. Payroll Journal [Landscape] (prjour.rpt)
  5. Payroll Tax Summary (PrTaxSum2.rpt)
  6. Employee Feature Summary Totals (Current) (PrEmpSum.rpt)
  7. Employee Feature Summary Totals (Historical) (PrEmHSum.rpt)

If you have any difficulty with the new standard reports after updating to CYMA 13.5, you can download the old versions and add them as a custom report.

Download and extract the file contents to a location that you will remember. The older versions of the files are located in the Btrieve folder. If you need the newer files, we have also included them in the OLE DB folder.