Pervasive Version 11.3 FAQ and Installation Files

Pervasive has released Pervasive.SQL Version 11.3. This updated version features several enhancements, most notably, the ability to install on a Windows 8 and/or Windows Server 2012.

Please review the "What Is New in Pervasive PSQL 11.3" document for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I install Pervasive Workgroup using my key?
Keys are issued specific to the Pervasive Engine you are installing. Server keys work with the Server install and Workgroup keys work with the workgroup install.  On the computer with the main install of CYMA, either Pervasive Server or Workgroup should be installed based on the key you purchased.  All other computers will use the Client engine.  If you were previously using the workgroup engine on a workstation, uninstall the workgroup engine and install the 32-bit Client Engine.

I received the following error “The Program can’t start because w3btrv7.dll is missing from your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.” when running CYMA after installing the 64-bit Pervasive Client. 
Uninstall the 64-bit Client and install the 32-bit Client.  At this time, the 64-bit Client installation cannot be used with CYMA.

Can I use Pervasive 11.3 with all Versions of CYMA?
Pervasive 11.3 has only been tested with CYMA 14, CYMA 13.5, and CYMA 13. If you are on an older version of Pervasive, or are unsure if you have purchased the Pervasive.SQL Version 11.3 license, please contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.

Do all of my machines need to be on the same version of Pervasive?
It is preferred but not required.  Pervasive V10.x Client and Workstation engines will work with Pervasive V11 Server engine.  NOTE: if you are on Vista/Win7 or higher you must be using at least Pervasive V10.3. 

Where can I download Pervasive 11?

The Pervasive Version on the CYMA 14 download installation is Pervasive 11.3 and automatically applies the patch.

If you have not installed Pervasive 11.3 from the CYMA 14 download, download your specific installation below to update to Pervasive 11.3.

Pervasive 11.3 Server - (PSQL-Server- - 111.9MB)

Pervasive 11.3 Workgroup - (PSQL-Workgroup- - 83.9MB)

Pervasive 11.3 Client - (PSQL-Client- - 78.4MB)

--> IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are updating from a prior version of Pervasive, please also DOWNLOAD and APPLY the appropriate Pervasive 11.3 Patch.

For Pervasive installation instructions, please refer to the CYMA 14 Installation Guide (pdf).