Pervasive Version 11.3 Patch

Pervasive has released a patch for Pervasive.SQL Version 11.3 (Sept 2014). Pervasive 11.3 users should download and apply the appropriate version for their Pervasive installation.

In some Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server environments, Pervasive mistakenly uses two Pervasive licenses per workstation rather than one, resulting in Code 161 errors.

In most occassions, a Code 161 is likely the result of insufficient licensing for the number of concurrent users; however, if you have checked your Pervasive License Administrator and you have the proper license for 11.3 with the proper users, CYMA recommends installing the appropriate patch below. If you have any question regarding your version of Pervasive, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.

To install this patch:

  1. Download the appropriate version to a location you will remember
  2. Ensure users are out of CYMA,
  3. apply the appropriate patch at the appropriate installation
  4. Restart Pervasive at the server.

Pervasive Version 11.3 Patch

Pervasive 11.3 Workgroup - PSQLv11Patch_WGE_x86.msp - (15.6 MB)

Pervasive 11.3 Server 32 bit / 64 bit - PSQLv11Patch_Server_x86.msp - (15.6 MB)

Pervasive 11.3 Server 64 bit - PSQLv11Patch_Server_x64.msp - (18.3 MB)

Pervasive Client 32 bit - PSQLv11Patch_Client_x86.msp - (14.0 MB)