CYMA Version 16, to be released in late October or early November, contains over 300 enhancements, technical corrections, report changes and new features across all system modules. 

CYMA Applicant Portal

Building on the web technology of CYMA’s Employee Self-Service System, CYMA Version 16 offers backend configuration controls for two entirely new web portals - the CYMA Applicant Portal and the CYMA User Portal. In this email we will preview the Applicant Portal.

The CYMA Applicant Portal allows CYMA Human Resources customers to provide prospective employees with a web-based system to review create an online applicant record, posted job openings, and to formally apply for a job. The web portal dynamically displays information found in the backoffice HR Maintain Openings system - including location, pay range, job requirements, duties and more. The applicant using the web portal can formally apply, attach a resume, and continually update their applicant information over time as necessary.

Applicant Portal Login screens

Simple Login Screen by Design:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • EMail Address
  • PIN Required: Applicants will be emailed a required PIN number auto-generated from CYMA. This helps ensure that real-live applicants are accessing the system.
  • Unbranded Design: The Applicant Portal can easily be modified to match company branding - logo, fonts, color scheme, etc.

Applicant Portal Screens*

Position pay range, description, duties, are entered by a CYMA user in the Human Resources module and will display on the applicant screen for the defined position. Applicants have the ability to filter openings by description and date. Applicants can enter Address, Contact, and Education Level as well as attaching documents like resume and cover letters.

Once the applicant becomes employed, onboarding into CYMA Payroll is easy.

The CYMA Applicant Portal is in final testing and will be officially released shortly after the initial release of Version 16. * Some screenshots included in this email may change from the final version of the product.

Next Version 16 Preview: The web based, CYMA User Portal.

Please expect more CYMA Version 16 announcements in the coming weeks. An archive of Version 16 enhancements and corrections can be reviewed at If you have any questions or comments, contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.

Thank you for your continued business. If you have any questions regarding CYMA Version 16 or any other issue, contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.