CYMA Version 16 Preview

CYMA Version 16, to be released in late October or early November, contains over 300 enhancements, technical corrections, report changes and new features across all system modules. 

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Enhancements for Fiscal / Employer Agents

The world of Fiscal / Employer Agents (sometimes known as Consumer Directed Services) is growing by leaps and bounds. CYMA Version 16 includes dozens of enhancements to help support this industry with its unique requirements.

Embedded Schedule R 940 and 941 - The functionality to use the Schedule R 940 and 941 is enabled at the company level and is disabled by default. Based on this selection EIN, Name, Address on quarterly and yearly forms will pull from either Configuration or from the Client when producing these forms.

Exempt flag for Employees FUTA/SUTA/SSI/MEDICARE - Employees can now be flagged as Exempt in Maintain Employees. Previously, these employees needed to be set as "Seasonal". By flagging these employees, the calculate taxable wages function will now move the FUTA, SUTA, SSI, and/or Medicare amounts to Excluded Wages. The result is that no taxable wages will be calculated for that specific pay feature for that employee.

Formal Support for Household Workers
Some payroll customers are in industries that routinely pay workers defined by the IRS as “Household Workers”. These types of workers have unique requirements for tax calculations. CYMA added a Household Worker check box to Maintain Employees in Version 16 to designate these employees and added a new year-end process to:

  • Identify which employees had earnings less than the IRS current year threshold
  • Create SSI and Medicare tax refund entry transactions
  • Perform a separate check run that refunds the qualifying Household Worker's share of their withheld Social Security and/or Medicare tax.

Payroll Retains Two Years of SUTA Rates - The Payroll system will now retain the current and prior year SUTA rates. Some customers do not use new rates until well into the new year; this new system will allow the older SUTA rate to be used more easily until the new rates are needed.

Ability to Import Custom Fields - CYMA now has the ability to import data into custom fields. This can help in a variety of ways for nearly any CYMA customers; however, Fiscal / Employer Agents can now better utilize unique consumer data on the Custom tabs in CYMA.

Other Enhancements

  • Adding an Employee without a client (consumer) will generate a warning.
  • Added an EFTPS PIN Number field to the client (consumer) record
  • Ability to run delayed or late pay cards
  • "Birth Date" has been added to the Client record
  • AP Invoices generated from Payroll can now pull Client Name, Tax ID, and EIN from the Client (consumer) level.

Dozens of other requested and beneficial changes are included in the Version 16 release. If you know of any other Consumer Directed Services that could benefit from CYMA Payroll and Human Resources Software, CYMA maintains a referral program. Please visit our referral page or simply call CYMA at 800-292-2962.

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Please expect more CYMA Version 16 announcements in the coming weeks. An archive of Version 16 enhancements and corrections can be reviewed at If you have any questions or comments, contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.

Thank you for your continued business. If you have any questions regarding CYMA Version 16 or any other issue, contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.